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What happens when unworthy priesthood holders perform blessings?

What Happens When Unworthy Priesthood Holders Perform Blessings?

As a priesthood holder, I am always nervous when I give a blessing or perform an ordinance (such as a baptism or confirmation). While I feel that I am worthy to give a blessing or perform an ordinance, I am not perfect and make mistakes. Each time I give a blessing or perform an ordinance, I wonder, “What happens if I’m not worthy?” Is the blessing or ordinance still valid? Does the person being blessed still receive what is promised to them?

As I have pondered this question, my...

Should I get a priesthood blessing or pray when I get sick?

There are a lot of types of blessings within the LDS church. There are blessings for the sick, father’s blessings, baby blessings, baptisms, settings apart for callings, conferrings of the priesthood and ordainings to priesthood offices, sacrament prayers, blessings of comfort and counsel, dedicating graves, sealings, and the list goes on.

Why are there so many types of blessings? Why is each blessing performed differently, with different wording, and with a different purpose? Additionally, many Mormons, non-Mormons, and ex-Mormons alike ask the question of why do we have any of these blessings at all? If I don’t get a consecrated...

Blessings will come

I was very lucky when I was a kid. I knew that I could always look to my Dad for strength, support, and an example of a faithful priesthood holder. He was dedicated to the gospel, and to his family. I have so many great memories of watching him serve in callings in the church. I can’t think of a single month during my lifetime when my Dad did not visit his home-teaching families. For several years, I was his oft-times reluctant companion. Keep in mind, we visited the two oldest and crankiest brothers that you could imagine—but, we still...

Should I go to the hospital or get a priesthood blessing when I am sick?

        Illnesses and injuries are facts of life. Throughout each of our lives, we will face times when we will be in need of healing powers from the heavens. Priesthood blessing are a great way to call down the powers of heavens for those that are sick and afflicted. If priesthood blessings using consecrated oil are powerful, then do we need to go to the hospital to be healed or do we just need to exercise enough faith in the priesthood blessing?

Apply every remedy to be healed:

        Elder Dallin H....

How do I know if it is my will or God's will during a priesthood blessing?

As a priesthood holder, I love to give priesthood blessings.

You want to be able to bless the child dealing with cancer that they will...