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Blessings will come

I was very lucky when I was a kid. I knew that I could always look to my Dad for strength, support, and an example of a faithful priesthood holder. He was dedicated to the gospel, and to his family. I have so many great memories of watching him serve in callings in the church. I can’t think of a single month during my lifetime when my Dad did not visit his home-teaching families. For several years, I was his oft-times reluctant companion. Keep in mind, we visited the two oldest and crankiest brothers that you could imagine—but, we still never missed a month. My Dad was Mr. Consistency.

One of my favorite childhood memories I have of my Dad was of him giving me blessings: when I was sick, before the first day of a new school year, before leaving on a mission, before getting married, important events were almost always accompanied by a blessing from my Dad. It is a tradition that I am now carrying on with my children.

Almost five years ago, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. He endured chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and all sorts of medicines and tests. Throughout the process, my brothers and I were able to bless our Dad through the Priesthood. Ultimately, despite the best medical care and our blessings through the Priesthood, the cancer ended my Dad’s life. It was hard. It was painful. Why did he have to leave us so soon? Why couldn’t our blessings have spared his life? Did we not have the faith? Or was it simply God’s will?

To be honest, there were times that I thought that it just wasn’t fair. I may have even had a few moments of doubt and questioning. But in these moments, and in other times since, I have been comforted by the words of Elder Holland. He said: “Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come.” Of this I am sure. I may always want the blessings now, but I am satisfied in knowing that they will come.


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