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What is the hardest part of parenting for Heavenly Father?


What is the Hardest Part of Parenting for Heavenly Father?

The older my children get, the more difficult this parenting shindig becomes. Thank goodness that children come as innocent, perfect little babies who are so easy to love. If they came right away as teenagers, the world would never repopulate. I don’t want to say that teenagers are bad, they are not. The challenge comes when you are dealing with a person who loves you but doesn’t want to admit it, who pushes boundaries to see if you’re serious about them, and who wants independence and...

Top 5 Ways To Strengthen Your LDS Family

Top 5 Ways to Strengthen Your LDS family
We are indeed blessed to be living at a time when the leaders of the Church are active and present in our daily lives. We can hear their words through social media outlets, on Church websites, and through virtual broadcasts for children and youth. These are incredibly strengthening opportunities if we will only share them with our families. Our leaders are so good at addressing the youth and showing they understand the challenges of the day. These experiences are not to be missed! Please use them and the many...

Lessons We Learn About Parenting From The Prophet

Lessons We Can Learn on Parenting from the Prophet
There is no perfect family. Not even the prophets of God had perfect families. Please recall that Lehi, the prophet in Old Testament times who traveled across the ocean to the Americas had wayward children. Not only did Laman and Lemuel reject the teachings of Jesus Christ, but they went on to persecute and attempt to destroy those who were obedient to the commands of God. If there are members of our families who stray, be patient and do not lose hope. You are enough. Keep praying, keep...

Things Hollywood Gets Wrong About Raising Children

I love going to the movie theater and escaping the burdens in my own life
for a few minutes. It is one of things I have missed most during this crazy
year. Instead of going out to escape, my family and I have spent more time
streaming shows from home. While we have saved money in one sense,
we definitely have not benefitted much from what we are filling our minds
There is an abundance of so called “family friendly” shows that mock the
parental influence of the family unit, treating mothers and fathers as nothing
more than idiotic providers who cannot relate...

How To Disagree With Your Spouse

How to Disagree with Your Spouse

If you never have a disagreement with your spouse, I applaud you! And I
want your autograph! Marriage is not an easy undertaking for anyone but
what truly important thing is? In the ward in which I grew up, the current
patriarch and his precious wife have an incredible marriage. This dear
sister has told others that she and her spouse have never had an
argument. She clarified that they had come close once but then they both
started laughing once they realized what was happening. I am far too much
of a live wire apparently. I don’t...