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How Does God Heal Sick People?


We can peruse the many accounts of the Savior during his few short years of personal ministry for special experiences. In them, we find all kinds of people seeking the Lord out for healing. Some of the most beautiful expressions of love and faith come from those accounts.

Elder Russell M. Nelson taught us about the scriptural pattern for healing. He said, “Early in His mortal ministry, Jesus announced that He had been sent “to heal the brokenhearted.” Wherever He taught them, His pattern was consistent. The sequence of His pattern is significant. Faith, repentance, baptism, a testimony, and enduring conversion lead to the healing power of the Lord.” 1

Not everyone who received physical healing was baptized but they all had faith to come to Him for help. Those with physical maladies were healed immediately. Perhaps the building of faith, repentance and testimony all happened with the same event. What about those with emotional trauma? The woman who was caught in adultery was going to be stoned to death when the people cast her in front of the Lord, hoping to trap Him by the law. She had not been the one to seek out the Lord. He did not judge her harshly but encouraged her to change her life. This was a sort of a spiritual healing that would take time.

In our day, we have access to the power of the holy priesthood for blessings of healing. I am certain that our Father is pleased when we come to Him seeking help and offering what faith we have. Some healings are physical, and whether He rearranges matter to fix a problem or sends divine help to be the hands in working repair, I do not know. When there is healing of the broken heart and the mind, the Holy Ghost comes in full force, burning out the darkness and filling us with light and peace. This may need to happen only once, or it may need to happen many times until we gradually grow stronger and become accustomed to the light and power of our Lord. Elder Nelson recounted a miracle of healing in a wonderful story of President and Sister Kimball traveling to New Zealand to meet with the Saints. As a medical doctor, Elder Nelson traveled with them.

Upon arrival, both President and Sister Kimball grew seriously ill with high temperatures. They asked another accompanying leader to go in their behalf and excuse them. Later that evening, while Elder Nelson was sitting with the two elderly travelers, President Kimball suddenly sat up in bed and asked what time the program was to start. They were only a few minutes from the beginning of the meeting. Upon examination, Elder Nelson discovered that both of their fevers were gone. President and Sister Kimball dressed quickly and made their way to the event.

Elder Nelson explains, “As the car entered the arena, there was a very loud shout that erupted spontaneously. It was most unusual! After we took our seats, I asked Sister Nelson about that sudden sound. She said that when President Tanner began the

meeting, he dutifully excused President and Sister Kimball because of illness. Then one of the young New Zealanders was called upon to pray.

“With great faith, he gave what Sister Nelson described as a rather lengthy but powerful prayer. He so prayed: “We are 3,000 New Zealand youth. We are assembled here, having prepared for six months to sing and dance for Thy prophet. Wilt Thou heal him and deliver him here!” After the “amen” was pronounced, the car carrying President and Sister Kimball entered the stadium. They were identified immediately, and instantly everyone shouted for joy!” 1

Elder Nelson had witnessed a healing. Our Father in Heaven will heal us according to the faith and prayers presented unless He has a very good reason not to do so. Let us bring our faith to Him in humility that we may always be worthy of His blessings.

1. “Jesus Christ- The Master Healer”, Elder Russell M. Nelson, General Conference, October 2005

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