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The time to prepare with an Oil Vault is now

Why Oil Vault? 

For years Latter Day Saints have been taught to be prepared. We store food and emergency items. We try to live within our means, and save our money. Likewise, many priesthood holders have tried to be prepared by carrying oil vials around in case a blessing is needed. All too often when a priesthood holder goes to give a blessing, the oil vial has fallen off the key chain, or the seal broke and the oil leaked out. This all too common occurrence is what inspired OIL VAULT. We want people, men and women, to be prepared when a blessing is needed. And to show that, we have teamed up with “The Time is Now” to help give insight to those who are looking for ways to become more prepared. 
The Time is Now organization will be hosting its annual SurvivalCON May 13th-14th in Farmington Utah. During the two day event there will be amazing presenters and classes teaching tools for survival. The event focuses on preparing for these last days. It’s an opportunity to prepare your family mentally, spiritually, physically, and temporally.

After attending PrepperCON in April, and having great success, we believe saints are eager and ready to step up their preparedness and we’re here to help!

Oil Vaults

An Oil Vial that goes anywhere you go, no keychain required.

Just for Missionaries Set

A personalized gift set any missionary would love

Wallet Set

A personalized wallet filled with Oil Vaults. Perfect for any priesthood holder.

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