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Why we all need to be carrying oil



All faithful members of the Lord's Church are equally blessed by priesthood ordinances.

- Julie B. Beck

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Wrong Keychain

Last week I witnessed a friend's 16-year-old daughter grab her dad’s car keys before she ran out to grab something from Walmart. She paused by the door, turned back and hunted for her mom’s set instead. Confused, her parent’s asked her what was wrong with the keys and she replied that she couldn’t take his keys because they had an oil vial on them.


Her mom could understand her hesitation, she wasn’t a priesthood holder so she wouldn’t have any use for the oil. It’s not like anyone would call on her to swing by on her way home from Walmart to give them a blessing, right? Her father had other oil vials and vaults in the house, if someone were to call him he wouldn’t be left stuck without any oil to use. 


Once she returned I asked her if she didn’t want to carry the oil because she felt unworthy, or because she felt women shouldn’t carry something linked to the priesthood. The 16-year-old replied that she simply didn’t see a need for the oil, and that carrying it felt unnecessary.

Uphold the Priesthood

I disagree, carrying oil should be a necessity for all of us. As women we asked to uphold the priesthood, to help the holders in their duties which alone should be a good enough reason to chuck an Oil Vault into your handbag. The strongest reason I can give you, as to why everyone, old and young, to carry oil is that we will never know when the need will arise.

We will never know if we’re about to witness an accident, if we’re about to receive a call from the hospital, if our sister is about to burst into tears through stress. Sure, we can’t all give them the blessing they need, but we can definitely provide help to those who can. Priesthood holders are human too, they forget their keys, they leave the house without their wallet and they leave their Oil Vault in Sunday’s suit jacket. As part of building the kingdom of God, we all need to work together, supporting each other every step of the way. Children, teens, and women, if you’ve ever been the recipient of a blessing and have a testimony of their power then now is the time to make sure you too are always carrying oil.

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