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Book Review- Good Pictures Bad Pictures jr.

As parents of 5 and foster parents to many kids over the years, we have had many pornography conversations in our home. As a woman and a mom, it was my hope that my children would never see images of pornography. Sadly, in today's world, that is nearly impossible.

One thing we have tried to stress to our children is that simply seeing pornographic pictures doesn't make you bad. Also, being curious about bodies doesn't make you bad. Another problem area that we have tried to address is how to get those images out of your head when you do see them. This alone can be tricky for some innocent kids. We want our kids to come to us when they see these images, so we know that we have to have dialogue about it, and often.

I was recently talking with a friend over at True Crew Socks about this subject. That's when Stacey told me about the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr., written by Kristen A Jenson, MA

Good Picture Bad Picture Jr explores all the good pictures in life, the how we see them --on screens and in photos-- and the what we see -- family, friends, animals and beautiful parts of the world. The book then goes into the bad photos we may see and how we might see them. Good Picture Bad Picture Jr. offers a plan for kids when then see the bad pictures; "Turn, Run, Tell". It teaches kids that "even if you see a bad picture, that doesn't make you a bad kid". Good Picture Bad Picture Jr. includes a parents guide on how to respond if your child has seen bad pictures and how to help them forget the bad pictures they have seen.

I wish I had this book when my kids were younger. The author has another book with the same title "Good Pictures Bad Pictures" that is geared towards older kids. I'm headed to Amazon to purchase that book today!!


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