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LDS General Conference With Kids

Twice a year the prophets and apostles from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints come together to provide an uplifting and insightful message. As adults, my husband and I look forward to the messages, but our children-- not so much.

Wanting to make General Conference a positive experience where our kids engage, we decided to take a new approach. We now create "Conference Cash" for our kids. Basically, anytime key words are said, our children mark it. At the end of each session (there are four over two days) we total each tally up and they receive cash (sticky notes)to purchase items. Some of their favorites are: Creamies, Oreos, Markers, Play Dough, Sugar Cereal, and of course Candy. Each child has their own sheet of paper and some kids hear the words more often than others. Lars and I also listen carefully to make sure no one is getting too many tallies for a word-- keeping everyone honest!

There are many variations online now. Some families fill small buckets of Skittles or M&M's and each time the word "temple" or "forgiveness" is said, a child can take a treat from the corresponding bucket. The reality in our home is that some of our kids won't listen to the talks, they'll  just sit and day dream and watch for their siblings to take a candy and then join them. It's sad to admit it, but it's just how it is, which is why is came up with our system.

No matter how you go about getting your kids engaged this Conference Weekend- my hats are off to everyone who puts forth the effort to include the whole family!!

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