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Gifts and Talents God Has Given Men and Women

There is a common misconception that women within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints do not have the power of the priesthood. This is false. While women within the church do not hold the priesthood, we are never without the ability to be blessed by the power of the priesthood.

Sadly, many would have us believe otherwise.  Regarding this issue Elder Bruce R. McConkie has said; “Some will try to convince Latter-day Saint women that because they are not ordained to hold the priesthood, they have been shortchanged, that women are second-class citizens in the kingdom of God. Those who believe these and other lies about men and women in the gospel kingdom are either uninformed, flat-out wrong, or deceived, for they do not understand the doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”. Ten Blessings of the Priesthood, October 1977.

As sisters in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we have many great responsibilities. We have been blessed, and we have been given many opportunities to bless others. One of my favorite talks from the fall session of General Conference last year was by President Russell M. Nelson. He shared words of encouragement with the sisters in our church; “My dear sisters, whatever your calling, whatever your circumstances, we need your impressions, your insights, and your inspiration. We need you to speak up and speak out in ward and stake councils. We need each married sister to speak as “a contributing and full partner”10 as you unite with your husband in governing your family. Married or single, you sisters possess distinctive capabilities and special intuition you have received as gifts from God. We brethren cannot duplicate your unique influence.” As sisters, we need not look and compare what gifts the brethren in our church have, just as much as we should not look and compare the gifts that other sisters might have. God does not make mistakes. He blesses each of us with the gifts, talents, and blessings that we need to live, serve, and help others.

One of my favorite books is Sheri Dew’s book “God wants a powerful people.” In her book, Sister Dew says; “Women are not assigned to direct the ecclesiastical affairs of the church. Men are. Women are not required or eligible to be ordained. Men are. Women are not required to hold the priesthood in order to enter the House of the Lord. Men are. The Lord has not elaborated on His rationale about these matters, He has only declared His will.”  I know, through many personal experiences of my own, that God loves ALL His children. He has given us all, both male and female, access to the blessing of the priesthood. As Sister Dew says we must not “confuse the privilege of holding the priesthood with the blessings of the priesthood.”

If you are not sure of the gifts and blessings God has given you, seek for them. Once you discover them, you will not feel shortchanged. You will feel the love of our Father in Heaven and be unique in your ability to serve and uplift others, ultimately uplifting you.


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