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Must Have Items for the Mom Campers

With spring weather outside and birds returning, camping season is calling! Growing up, I never spent a single night camping out. Not One Night. Now, as a mom of 5 active kids and a wife to an outdoorsman, I have learned the hard way how to best be prepared for a campout. I’m not talking about the tents and sleeping bags, those are the more obvious items, and the items I leave for my husband.  What I am talking about are the not so easy to remember essentials, for a fun and relaxing trip.  With these simple items, you can avoid the failures that I faced as a mom and first-time camper.


1.    Wipes—you can never have too many wipes. Diaper wipes, Clorox Wipes, doesn’t matter. Just Bring Wipes!!

2.    Card games. While the fire is being built or space for a tent is being cleared, it’s great to have a game of Spot It, Uno, Phase 10 or the like to keep the kids attention and keep them safe in your range.

3.    Quick snacks and treats. The best kind of snacks while camping come in packages that you can throw in the fire. Our favorites are crackers, granola bars, fruit leather and/or banana’s. But don’t forget the CANDY! What’s an outing and memory maker without sugar??

4.    Hand sanitizer. I know you’re in the forest, but mother nature still calls and sometimes it can get out of hand and messy for the little ones. Hand sanitizer helps keep the germs away!

5.    A couple of Oil Vaults. You never know when someone might get sick from too many marshmallows, or worse yet, injured from jumping over logs. Knowing you can easily provide oil for blessings should the need arise gives great peace of mind.

6.     Ibuprofen. Sleeping on the ground might have been fun when I was 10, but at my age, sleeping on the ground makes everything ache. To stay comfortable and happy, some Ibuprofen can do the trick! Make sure your first aid kit has a proper supply. 

7.    Extra blankets. Sitting by the fire talking is a lot of fun. Make sure to have plenty of blankets for cuddling up by the fire and staying warm inside the tent.

That’s it. That’s my must have list for camping. Being outdoors is good for the soul and time with family is good for the heart! Enjoy the camping season!


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