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Strengthening Your Marriage With The Scriptures

So now that you have settled all your fights using the scriptures (if you don’t know what this is referring to read our previous blog post), now it is time to grow and strengthen your marriage. As the scriptures are a great place to receive revelation, guidance, and support, what better place to turn to when working with your spouse to build your marriage into an eternal marriage.

This is far from an exhaustive list, but here are a few scriptures to help everyone trying to build their marriage and become closer to their spouse.

Neither of you are perfect but together you can overcome your weaknesses:

  • "And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins."- 1 Peter 4:8
    • Marriage is a unification of two sinners. No one is perfect in a marriage. There will definitely be times that a husband or wife fails each other, messes up, or does something hurtful. Loving each other deeply can cover all those sins.

Things you cannot do on your own you can do with your spouse and Heavenly Father

  • "And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.." - Ecclesiastes 4:12
    • We always hear two is stronger than one. But, understanding two together united with our Heavenly Father is even stronger! The three cords represent a husband, a wife, and God.

Make every effort to love each other

  • "With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love; Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." - Ephesians 4:2-3

    • When a husband and wife are humble, patient, gentle, and selfless in a relationship there will be few confrontations and arguments.

The Gospel plan is eternal marriage and eternal marriage gives you hope.

  • "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."- Jeremiah 29:11
    • God has a plan for us. This includes our marriage. If we follow his plan, we will be happy.

Don’t let anyone tear apart your marriage

  • "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder"- Mark 10:9
    • When you first get married, the last thing you are thinking about is divorce (unless you are a celebrity in Hollywood)! However, every marriage has good times and hard times. Remember, Heavenly Father has joined your marriage together and will work with you to keep it together.

Happy Valentine’s day to all! May each of you continue to work to strengthen your marriages.


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