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What is the worth of women?

Now, more than ever in my lifetime, I am seeing the struggle wives and mothers face. At every turn, we are being told who we should be and who we shouldn't be. If you are a stay at home mom, the world would tell you you're not doing enough to contribute. That you aren't reaching your potential. If you are a working mom, you will be criticized and told you don't have your priorities straight. If you are not married or do not have children, you know well the feeling of judgement and exclusion.

Whatever your situation, I believe it is safe to say that by nature, women want to soar. We want to be needed, to be loved, and to love. What we do not hear often enough is that where we are, we can soar. We can exceed --  we're enough. Our circumstances in life do not define us. No one here on earth decides our worth, because our Father in Heaven already showed us our worth. In October of 1989, Russell M Nelson, of the quorum of the twelve said this regarding the infinite worth of women:
"A worthy woman personifies the truly noble and worthwhile attributes of life. A faithful woman can become a devoted daughter of God—more concerned with being righteous than with being selfish, more anxious to exercise compassion than to exercise dominion, more committed to integrity than to notoriety. And she knows of her own infinite worth."  

Our nobility comes from above. Our righteousness brings us closer to God and closer to our infinite worth. It is my wish today that each woman, regardless of her marital, working, or child status, knows her worth. What we need to see is what Heaven Sees In Us. 

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