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I was raised in a Latter Day Saint Home and I was home schooled. My family lived in Montana and New York. I remember many times as a youth feeling rejected by those who were LDS because I was home schooled and feeling rejected by those who were home schooled because I was LDS. I was lucky though to have a mother who had the incredible ability of instilling in me the knowledge of who my Creator is and what my worth is. My self-worth was never measured by the number of parties I went to. It was measured by...

The best LDS Father’s day videos

Here are our top Father's Day video picks

With Father’s day coming up, there are some great videos to help us remember how special our Father’s are and show how grateful we are for them being in our lives.

Below are our favorite picks. What’s yours?

Submit your favorite Father’s Day video in the comments section below and if we pick yours you will win a free 10 pack of Oil Vaults.

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- I Love My Daddy Yes I Do