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What is the shelf life of an Oil Vault?

How long does the oil in an OIl Vault stay good for?

  • Up to 2 years.
    • To provide the highest level of quality, we fill each Oil Vault with 100% pure olive oil and seal them the day we get your order. We pride ourselves on quality.
    • We have tested Oil Vaults and they last up to 2 years. They will likely last well beyond 2 years, but we don't want to mislead or claim anything beyond 2 years until we can do additional testing.

What if the Oil Vault is in the heat/sun for a long period of time?

  • The Oil Vault will be okay. The Olive Oil is in the vault!
    • Oil Vaults are made out mylar film that protects the olive oil from the sun and heat. The Oil Vaults can withstand just about whatever you throw at them.
    • If you are lost in the desert and are dying from heat then you might want to consider using an Oil Vault rather than testing how long they will last, but it is your choice.

Oil Vaults

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