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Things Hollywood Gets Wrong About Raising Children

I love going to the movie theater and escaping the burdens in my own life
for a few minutes. It is one of things I have missed most during this crazy
year. Instead of going out to escape, my family and I have spent more time
streaming shows from home. While we have saved money in one sense,
we definitely have not benefitted much from what we are filling our minds
There is an abundance of so called “family friendly” shows that mock the
parental influence of the family unit, treating mothers and fathers as nothing
more than idiotic providers who cannot relate...

How To Disagree With Your Spouse

How to Disagree with Your Spouse

If you never have a disagreement with your spouse, I applaud you! And I
want your autograph! Marriage is not an easy undertaking for anyone but
what truly important thing is? In the ward in which I grew up, the current
patriarch and his precious wife have an incredible marriage. This dear
sister has told others that she and her spouse have never had an
argument. She clarified that they had come close once but then they both
started laughing once they realized what was happening. I am far too much
of a live wire apparently. I don’t...

Self First or Spouse First?

Self First or Spous First? 

Have you ever watched a street juggler or magician with all kinds of objects flying through the air under his or her graceful control? I have seen them use the easy to manage juggling balls, bean bags, bowling pins, chain saws, oranges, and many other things. It is fascinating to watch each object spin through the air with grace, continually getting a little nudge to keep going. I have also seen an object fall to the ground by accident. Juggling is a talent that I do not have.

I often feel like...

When Your Kids Will Not Forgive One Another

I recently heard a church leader say that Heavenly Father does not want us to do what’s right, He wants us to choose to do what’s right. In my home, it does not matter to me if they choose it or just do it…I need the fighting to stop! I am fairly certain that it is not only my family who has struggled through this year trying to make sense of craziness. These ongoing changes have many families all stirred up in a big pot of anxiety and emotion,...

When Your Spouse Rejects Your Love

Many years ago, I read the book entitled “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. It truly opened my eyes to see an issue that I personally faced in my own marriage. I remember early on when my husband proudly gifted me a triple warming dish. I was thrown off by his gift and did not understand why he would give me something so unnecessary. I thanked him but he could see in my face that I was a little less than impressed. He later told me that he had bought it for me because I...