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5 things Hollywood gets wrong about marriage

5 things Hollywood Gets wrong about marriage

I cannot go to the grocery store without having the latest divorce news jumping off the covers of Hollywood’s gossip magazines. They slap on the pictures of the most beautiful people together and then make us wonder why the marriage failed. Hollywood, or more aptly...

When Your Child Says "I HATE YOU"

Hasn’t every parent held their little child in their arms at some point and seen a future of love and closeness? Then the day comes when said child decides they know everything and no longer need a parental figure. With or without family training, helping your children grow up into contributing adults is difficult! Assisting children in understanding how to make choices by living...

Dealing with a Child's Terminal Illness

Dealing with a Child's Terminal Illness

How do you support a friend or loved one when they find out that their child has a terminal illness? What do you do? What do you say? Is there really anything that can give comfort when they are faced with what many parents fear most?


How to Deal with Discord in the Home

Anyone who has spent time around children has probably wished for the non-existent unique, individual, child raising manual. Parenting books are nice, but the examples do not always fit each child or have solutions for every meltdown. Whether you grew up in a home with twelve people or three, you will have experienced discord at some point. Perhaps you experience it more now in your home than you did growing up or vice versa. There is just no one-size-fits-all solution.

Of course, as parents we seek direction on how to create a home filled with peace. We have all read...

The Best LDS Movies of All Time

The Best LDS Movies of All Time

               Our church culture seems to have grown into something of entertainment. We have a lot of fun in wholesome, silly ways. We hold talent shows not only to share a skill but to make people laugh! We tease about the weird things “those Mormons” do and we can quote movie lines as well as anyone.

               Creative Latter-day Saint artists have added their footprints to the entertainment industry now for many years. Some of our best productions were never even on the big screen. Some of them we love because they are...