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Origins of Olive Oil for Priesthood Blessings

What is the Origins of Olive Oil that is used in LDS priesthood blessings

        Have you ever wondered why we use olive oil for priesthood blessings? I honestly had not thought about it until I started working on Oil Vault. Then I got to thinking, why do we use olive oil instead of something else? There are other types of oil and some blessings do not even use oil.

        Does it have something to do with the allegory of the olive tree? The Book of Mormon and the Bible do...

Healing the Sick

Using the priesthood power to heal the sick

       One of the beloved apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Elder Dallin H. Oaks, gave an inspiring talk on the priesthood power and using it to heal the sick. He said, “In these times of worldwide turmoil, more and more persons of faith are turning to the Lord for blessings of comfort and healing.” And how right he is! As a family of faith, we would be lost without the assuring knowledge that our Father is there for us when we need His comfort. A...

The time to prepare with an Oil Vault is now

Why Oil Vault? 

For years Latter Day Saints have been taught to be prepared. We store food and emergency items. We try to live within our means, and save our money. Likewise, many priesthood holders have tried to be prepared by carrying oil vials around in case a blessing is needed. All too often when a priesthood holder goes to give a blessing, the oil vial has fallen off the key chain, or the seal broke and the oil leaked out. This all too common occurrence is what inspired OIL VAULT. We want people, men and women, to be prepared...